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The Best SMS Verification & OTP Solutions for Your Apps And Website

Add Verification to your app to secure user data and authenticate users. Send one time password to your customer to enhance security level of your web service. With the EVERY8D SMS API, you can easily setup a simple, one time pin code system to verify user phone numbers across the globe and ensure your app and web service stay secure.

Our SMS Features 

Long Text Supported

With overall support for long text SMS and no application or configuration required in advance, every text message EVERY8D offers may contain up to 333 characters.

Two-way Interaction

Our exclusive patented two-way interaction allows you to receive a reply from a client without setup fees or leasing any specific number.

Auto Reply

AUTO REPLY function, which automatically replies to messages, can effectively enhance customer service satisfaction.

Clear Reports and Records

The admin dashboard of EVERY8D provides comprehensive reports and sending records for your management and audit.

High Class Security Level

The fastest in the market, EVERY8D SMS has the best patented texting technology. Whether it’s an OTP, Web & App register certification, a desperate call for help, an emergency notification or another type of important message, we can make sure they go through quickly and properly!

Meanwhile, our IDC machine room abides by a high standard safety certificate – ISO 27001 – to provide strict 24/7 monitoring and anti-hacking measures in accordance with maintaining a high level of information security. This makes us the most preferred SMS partner for most government agencies, large banks, retail channels for consumer goods and e-commerce brands in Taiwan.

Comprehensive API Integration

Our SMS provides a complete API mechanism, enabling you to send messages to any Taiwanese consumer easily in any corner of the world. You can also get texting status information or a recipient’s reply quickly, making it an accurate way to manage your texting performance. For more details, please download our API guide.

EVERY8D Enterprise SMS Service Platform 2.1
HTTP API Specifications


EVERY8D Enterprise SMS Service Platform 2.1
Web Services API Specifications


SMPP V3.4 API Specifications


Application function

SMS Verification Code

Verify user accounts in a safest & swiftest way with the lowest cost.

SMS One-Time Password

OTP makes transactions quick, elevating the level of customer satisfaction.

Advertisements via SMS

Set your targeted clients, delivering SMS ads to the proper group.

SMS Service Notification

Service Availability, Result of Review & Application, Sign-in Reminder.

SMS Text Messaging

Insert URL & contact info into messages for clients to reach you directly.

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The company behind EVERY8D

Teamplus Technology Inc. 

Your Trustworthy Partner

Teamplus Technology was established in 2005. We have accumulated 12 years of rich experience on business communication technology and service in Taiwan. Our two main products are: “EVERY8D” enterprise SMS service and “TEAM+” enterprise instant messenger. We are definitely an ideal partner for you when Taiwan is a market in your global business development strategy because:

We Have No.1 SMS Market Share in Taiwan

We are the biggest professional SMS service provider in Taiwan, which delivers more than 80 million messages every month for various famous enterprises , organizations and government agencies.

We Integrate with All Taiwan Major Telecoms

We are the only SMS service provider connecting with all major Taiwan telecom companies. It means guarantees of the highest level of service quality, system stability, and delivery speed.

We Are International Awards Winner

We are the 2016 APICTA Awards Winner in communication category and won “Trend Micro Award” in 2016 APEC O2O Summit. These awards winning records proof our high quality and great innovation.

We Are Funded by Famous Corps & Investors

Teamplus Technology is mainly funded by famous listed company-Joinsoon Electronics MFG CO.(JEM 3322) and the biggest venture company with government investment-Mega Venture Capital Co..

We Have 18 SMS Related Technical Patents

We not only provide high quality service, but also pursue innovation. We gained 18 patents on SMS sending and managing technologies and continuously keep investing huge resources on R&D .

We Are Microsoft Designated SMS Partner

We are the exclusive SMS partner designated by Microsoft Taiwan. We are the first who developed SMS plugin for Outlook and Excel so that the Microsoft Office users could send SMS via Outlook or Excel.

Famous Enterprises All Choose EVERY8D

Consistent recommendation from over 10,000 companies and government agencies

They all choose EVERY8D

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