【TAIWAN REVIEW】Partners in Prosperity

November/December, 2017 | Author: OSCAR CHUNG
TAIWAN REVIEW, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (外交部雙月刊: 台灣評論)
Partners in Prosperity

Another homegrown firm benefiting from Taiwan’s APEC participation is New Taipei City-based Teamplus Technology Inc. (TTI), which provides corporate communications solutions to 4,000 businesses largely through its well-subscribed instant messaging app. TTI Chairman Alex Kuo (郭承翔‬) believes his company has gained tremendously from interactions with technology industry counterparts at APEC events. “We’ve learned a great deal and shared a lot about instant messaging, one of the fastest growing segments of the comms market in the Asia-Pacific,” he said.

New Opportunities

Both outfits are making the most of their APEC openings. In 2016, they bagged awards at the APEC Challenge—a competition for top performers in O2O practices—and were invited to O2O Initiative-related events this year.

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